Vesting & Unlock Schedule

To make long-term investments into DeFi Lab more attractive, we employ the token unlocking mechanism. According to this mechanism you won’t be able to use all the tokens just after Private Rounds. Instead, you gain access to the tokens each month, starting from the end date of Round B (January 20, 2022).

Let's take a more detailed look at how tokens are unlocked:

  • Round A β€” 5% monthly, linear unlock (20 months to unlock full amount);

  • Round B β€” 10% monthly, linear unlock after a 1-month cliff (10 months to unlock full amount).

  • IDO Round β€” 20% instantly unlocked at TGE, 16% linear unlock per month (6 months to unlock full amount);

Linear Unlock

For tokens purchased during the IDO , we used linear unlocking mechanism: tokens are being unlocked each second, with each minted block. According to this mechanism, each second you have more and more unlocked tokens.

For example, you've purchased 5000 LTT tokens during Round A. After the end of Round B, continuous unlocking will start and you'll be able to withdraw available tokens immediately.

Monthly unlocking amount for Round A is 5% from 5000 LTT (so, 250 LTT). According to this logic, one day after unlocking starts you'll have 1/30 from the monthly unlocking amount, or 8.3333333333 available to unstake. By the end of month you'll be able to unstake 250 LTT.

How to claim LTT tokens?

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