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Acknowledge yourself with LocalTrade and our ecosystem

What's LocalTrade?

LocalTrade is a financial ecosystem that connects Centralized Crypto Exchange and Decentralized Finance investment products into a synergetic experience.
Through LocalTrade users can access a wide range of investment opportunities with different profit/risk ratio. What we stand for is security — that’s why apart of making our DeFi products profitable, we are requesting audits from independent companies such as HACKEN.
Generally, we want to create a crypto-ecosystem which will be understandable for every user. Our goal is to make LocalTrade a place where you can learn everything about crypto simply by completing actions on the website.

LocalTrade ecosystem consists of:

  • LocalTrade CEX
  • LocalTrade DeFi Lab
  • Localtrade DeFi Wallet
  • 0xPay crypto processing solution
  • Multi-chain Launchpad

Earn at DeFi Lab!

Different investors have different appetites when we talk about profits. At DeFi Lab we’ve created a number of Farming Vaults (Staking & Farming pools) where you can try out different profit/risk ratio strategies
Here you can find Static Vaults with APR up to 120% and token vesting for long term investors. At the same time, there is Dynamic APR vaults with up to 2000% annual interest. Also, from April 2022 you can engage in Liquidity Provision & LP Farming
For those who are looking for classic low-risk investments there is NeoBroker Smart Fund. Invest in pre-IPO companies (like DigitalOcean, SpaceX, etc.) and receive profits when such securities are redeemed post-IPO.
Most rewards are paid in $LTT tokens, but once we release the Launchpad at DeFi lab — you will see even more investment opportunities for different tokens
Thus, we intend to become the first platform that allows anybody, even with a fiat bank card and a small $10 check, to have seamless access to the most profitable DeFi products.
DeFi Lab is meant to be a place, where you can learn and earn by doing simple actions on the website. However, for those who want to understand more — you can read our articles about each ecosystem product and understand it!
See you at DeFi Lab!
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