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Centralized Exchange & DeFi ecosystem with Ukrainian roots

LocalTrade is the place where stories of successful projects and professional traders start!

πŸ’š 100+ trading pairs

πŸ“Š $350M daily trading volume

βœ… Tight spreads & low fees

πŸ‹ Top-40 by liquidity ranking (via CoinMarketCap)

πŸ‘‘ Top-100 by overall ranking (via CoinMarketCap)

Audited by HACKEN

Our DeFi Lab smart contracts have been audited already, now we're going for a full CEX audit. Stay tuned for results!

Powered by $LTT

LocalTrade Token provides its holders with a wide range of benefits across almost any of our products.

  • Discounts on fees, participation in the referral program, and unleashing new features in our products – those are only some of reasons to hold LTT.

  • Long-term incentive: Persistency with tokenomics and a huge focus on token utility helps build up positive influence on the price of LTT in the long-term perspective.

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Generally, we want to create a crypto-ecosystem which will be understandable for every user. Our goal is to make LocalTrade a place where you can learn everything about crypto and simply by completing actions on the website.

🎯 LocalTrade Exchange: buy & trade crypto

Our CEX is live on the market since 2017. Core team changed in 2021, and the project started to develop with insane speed. As of right now, LocalTrade Exchange offers over 100 trading pairs, ~$350M daily volumes with tight spreads, and some more features:

  • Staking Program: Right now it’s possible to stake USDT and BUSD at 48% APR, while traditional finance can’t offer even 5% of yearly interest in USD.

  • Token Listings: We also regularly list new tokens on the exchange with potential for users to make impressive profits.

  • Buy crypto for UAH: Users from Ukraine can now purchase BTC, ETH, USDT via credit card.

πŸ’Έ Earn more at DeFi Lab

Different investors have different appetites when we talk about profits. At DeFi Lab we’ve created a number of Farming Vaults (Staking & Farming pools) where you can try out different profit/risk ratio strategies.

Here you can find Static Vaults with APR up to 120% and token vesting for long term investors. At the same time, there is Dynamic APR vaults with up to 2000% annual interest. Also, from April 2022 you can engage in Liquidity Provision & LP Farming.

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