Token Utility

Key Metrics

Max Supply: 100M LTT Supply Burnt: 59% Circulating Supply: 40M LTT LTT Circ. Supply Staked: 77%

What is LTT

LTT is a utility token of the LocalTrade ecosystem. Hold and spend it to gain benefits across almost any LocalTrade product.
Discounts on fees, participation in the referral program, and unleashing the new features in our products – those are the reasons to hold LTT at first glance. A persistent approach to tokenomics and a huge focus on utility can positively influence the token price in the long-term perspective.

Use cases✅:

👥 Referral Rewards on CEX

Users invited via your link will also bring you up to 50% of trading fees they spend on LocalTrade. 
Learn more about the referral rewards program in our Medium
Hold at least 1 LTT to start receiving rewards depending on paid trading fees of your direct referrals and from the referrals invited by your referral (indirect referrals)
LTT balance
Rewards from direct referrals
Rewards from level 2 referrals
1000 LTT

🏦 Staking

On LocalTrade CEX you can Stake USDT, BUSD and LTT and receive rewards in LTT tokens.
Current pools available:
🟡 Stablecoins –– stake USDT or BUSD and receive 36% APR in LTT
🟢 LTT pool –– stake LTT and receive 48% APR in LTT
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🚀 New Opportunities

It's always a great idea to have some LTT on your balance, as it is used in all existing products of the LocalTrade ecosystem and it will provide holders with more:
  • Opportunities
  • Profits
  • Rewards
  • Experience
You can buy LTT on 💸 LocalTrade CEX, 🥞 PancakeSwap and 🦄 1inch

Upcoming utilities 🚧:

🤑 Fee-discount
Project owners, merchants — everyone will be able to save a lot on fees by using LTT to pay for the services.
🟢 We're expecting to release the feature of paying fees with LTT on CEX before Q1 2023. It will grant a 50% discount on trading and withdrawal fees for LTT holders on CEX
💸 LTT buyback from listing fees
Another utility around LTT is payments for token listings on our exchange. We use listing revenue as a token buyback fund and reallocate these funds to enlarge liquidity for LTT
💳 Crypto-debit cards
• Buy goods — spend the crypto from your LocalTrade CEX account

Token Burn #1 –– January 23, 2022

Total supply has decreased from 100,000,000 LTT to ~40,808,532.77 LTT