🟒Staking LTT on LocalTrade CEX

How to stake LTT on LocalTrade CEX:

Firstly, you need to top-up your balance with LTT. This can be done in two different ways:

β„–1: Receive LTT as a reward for USDT and BUSD staking

If you have already staked USDT/BUSD on LocalTrade you can just claim your LTT rewards from staking.

Just press Claim USDT or Claim BUSD on the staking page. Claimed LTT will appear on your main balance.

If you don’t have any LTT β€” it’s easy to buy some with LocalTrade spot trading.

β„–2: buy LTT on LocalTrade

  1. Top-up your balance with USDT. You can do this using crypto, or fiat using your card.

  2. Visit the Wallets page and transfer USDT to your Trading balance.

  3. Visit the Fast-exchange page. Enter the number of tokens and currency you want to exchange.

  4. Press the β€œExchange!” button to complete the operation.

Once the exchange is done, LTT will be transferred to your Trading balance. To stake them you will need to transfer tokens to the Main balance.

LTT Staking

  1. Go to the Staking page on LocalTrade exchange. On this page, choose a preferred staking pool. You’ll be able to see all the details about the pool: supported token, APR, min and max stake, and lock period.

Input the amount of funds you want to stake and click on the Add USDT or Add BUSD button.

Note: You can only stake funds from your Main balance. If you happen to have all funds on the Trading balance β€” you can transfer them on the same page.

A confirmation message with your staking details will appear. Click on the Confirm & Stake button to finish staking.

Nicely done! You’ll be able to see the rewards pouring in almost instantly.

All staking rewards are paid out in LTT on your Main Balance.

Collecting Rewards

  1. In order to collect your rewards, press the Claim LTT button.

  2. After collecting your rewards, go to the Wallets page and transfer your LTT to the Trade balance.

  3. Final step β€” go to Spot Trading in order to sell LTT tokens for USDT with a current price.

Start staking!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is LTT staking on LocalTrade?

Staking is a way of earning rewards for keeping digital assets at the cryptocurrency exchange to provide additional operational capacity and increased liquidity. On LocalTrade you can stake LTT, USDT or BUSD and receive 48% APR in LTT

What are the staking conditions?

You can stake only LTT tokens. They will become locked for 45 days while generating income for you (adding tokens to the pool after the first time will reset the lock period). In return, you will receive 48% APR in LTT β€” native tokens of LocalTrade ecosystem. Learn more about LocalTrade ecosystem in documentation

When can I redeem my deposit?

Once you send your LTT to staking they become locked for 45 days. This means you will be able to withdraw the stablecoins invested right after the lock period ends.

*If any funds are added to staking after the first deposit β€” the lock period will be reset

When can I redeem the rewards?

The rewards from staking can be redeemed daily. The deposit will be able to be claimed after 45 days from the first staking action.

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