♾️Supreme Vaults

With Supreme Vaults, you can earn almost infinite APR on your LTT tokens. The Vault distributes a limited amount of tokens during active period to all stakers.

Dynamic APR

APR in such vaults will change dynamically, depending on the total amount of funds staked. In essence, it works on a "first come, first served" basis – early stakers get extreme APR and earn a lot more tokens than latecomers. With more people supplying their tokens to the vault, APR will be falling down, but will never reach zero.

Claim Rewards at any time

Tokens are accrued every millisecond and can be claimed instantly, with a single click!

Vesting Period

If you're no longer satisfied with the APY in such vault, you'll be able to withdraw your initially deposited tokens after a certain date. This date is different for each new Supreme Vault.

DAO Sharing Economy Fee

DAO fee of 10% is applied each time a user claims rewards from the Supreme Vaults. This fee is distributed among the eligible participants, according to the table located below. Any remaining tokens left after the distribution will be kept in the smart contract and burned afterwards.

How is APR calculated?

Supreme Vault APR = Total Yearly Rewards / Total Staked Funds * 100

For example, let's take a 30-day vault with 600 000 LTT in rewards and 2 000 000 LTT staked in it.

In this case, daily distribution rate will be 600 000/30 = 20 000 LTT/daily. Total Yearly Rewards will be equal to 20 000*365 = 7 300 000 LTT. With 2 000 000 LTT staked in the vault, APR can be calculated according to the formula: 7 300 000/2 000 000 * 100 = 365% APR

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