Get started with Liquidity Provision (LP)

Learn how to become a liquidity provider and earn fees for each BUSD/LTT swap on Pancakeswap

Providing liquidity is an awesome way to get some extra rewards on your funds. All LPs (Liquidity Providers) on PancakeSwap receive 0.17% fees from each swap that happens inside the pool.

When adding liquidity on PancakeSwap, you need to already have both BUSD and LTT in your wallet. The best thing about our UI is support for multiple currencies.

At DeFi Lab, you can use a single BEP20 token (BUSD, BNB or wBNB) and it will be auto-swapped to LTT and BUSD.

BUSD/LTT Liquidity Pool contract on bscscan:

BUSD-LTT contract address on BSC explorer

BUSD/LTT Liquidity Pool on PancakeSwap:

BUSD/LTT Pool on PancakeSwap

How to provide liquidity via DeFi Lab UI

Go to Farming Vaults page on DeFi Lab website.

On this page, choose Provide Liquidity tab. You'll see the Add Liquidity UI.

If you didn't connect your wallet yet, now's the time! Connect your BEP20-compatible wallet to the website by pressing the Connect or Create Wallet button.

Press +Add Liquidity button to get the process running.

Choose one of the supported BEP-20 tokens (BUSD, BNB, wBNB) and input the amount of liquidity you want to add to the pool.

Press Confirm button whenever you're ready to go to the next step.

After that, you'll see the details about your future liquidity: the minimum amount of BUSD-LTT LP tokens to be received and the total value of your LP tokens.

BUSD-LTT LP tokens represent your share of the Liquidity Pool and consists of BUSD and LTT tokens. When removing liquidity from the pool, you'll receive both BUSD and LTT tokens, with amounts calculated according to the actual pricing.

Press Confirm button to authorize the operation. You'll also need to confirm the transaction in your wallet.

After confirmation, you'll see the details about your acquired BUSD-LTT LP tokens.

Nice job! Now your liquidity will be used to provide swaps for every LTT trader on PancakeSwap.

To get even more APR on your BUSD-LTT LP tokens, go ahead and stake them at Farming Vaults.

How to remove liquidity and receive LP Rewards

Claiming LP Rewards manually isn't possible due to how liquidity pools work on PancakeSwap. All LP rewards from swap fees are counted towards the LP token price. So, you'll get LP rewards only after removing liquidity from the pool on PancakeSwap, together with your LTT + BUSD tokens.

You can only remove liquidity from BUSD/LTT the pool on PancakeSwap. For a detailed guide, follow this link or open the dropdown tab below ⬇️

Removing liquidity via PancakeSwap

Visit the Liquidity page on PancakeSwap.

After the transaction is confirmed. You will receive two of the tokens from your pair. And if you haven't remove all of your liquidity, your remaining liquidity value will be updated on "My Liquidity" page.

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