Claim unlocked LTT

Bought some LTT on Token Sale? Learn how to acquire your tokens!

In order to receive LTT tokens purchased during the Token Sale, users need to claim their unlocked LTT tokens.

DAO Sharing Economy Tier depends on Staked LTT balance and is calculated as the summary of Tokensale Locked LTT and Staking Vaults balance.

Whenever a user claims LTT tokens, his DAO Tier will be modified according to the amount of tokens left in staking. In order to reach a higher DAO Tier, users can stake LTT in Vaults.

Here's a guide to do so:

Go to the $LTT page at DeFi Lab Website:

On this page, you'll see main info about your account and LTT token balance. Here:

  • LTT Balance displays your total amount of owned tokens, including your wallet balance, Tokensale balance and tokens staked in Vaults.

  • Staked LTT shows the total amount of tokens in staking and defines a user's DAO Tier. This number includes locked tokens purchased during Tokensale and the tokens put into staking Vaults.

  • Tokensale Locked LTT displays your amount of unclaimed tokens from the Token Sale.

  • Your amount of LTT available for claim will be displayed on the Claim button.

To claim available LTT tokens, press the Claim Available LTT button.

Your wallet might require additional confirmation to interact with LTT smart contract. If this is the case, press Allow button and confirm the action in your wallet.

That's it! After a brief moment, the transaction should be reflected in your wallet along with your claimed LTT tokens.

If you can't see $LTT in your wallet, try adding the token to your wallet manually.

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