DeFi Wallet
Own the keys. Own the funds.
In order to further drive the adoption of DeFi services among masses, we’re launching the LocalTrade DeFi Wallet — an intuitive entry point to the decentralized future of Web3.

Future Features & Overview

LocalTrade DeFi Wallet is a dedicated superapp for DeFi Lab and Web3 apps that combines vital functionality with unique solutions made for humans by humans:
  • Dedicated SuperApp for Web3 that amalgamates opportunities from all LocalTrade products in a single intuitive interface, through the WalletConnect. Along with DeFi Lab integration, all the world of Web3 will be open and available for users to explore.
  • All DeFi Lab components will be available for use through the DeFi Wallet: users will be able to stake LTT and other tokens at Farming Vaults; claim their unlocked tokens, review information about DAO Rewards.
  • Support for multiple blockchain networks and tokens (ETH, BSC, Solana, Avalanche, Polygon, etc.) makes the DeFi Wallet an ultimate storage for all your crypto;
  • Private & Confidential: a fully decentralized product with all data, including the private keys, stored locally on the user’s device;
  • Contract Allowance Scanner is a dedicated security feature for users: it provides information about all connections from your wallet to the smart contracts and details about given permissions. As of right now, no application can provide info about all your wallet connections. DeFi Wallet aims to be the first Web3 wallet application with all of this information condensed and displayed for users' convenience.
  • 1inch Swapper (powered by 1inch.io routing protocol) provides the ability to seamlessly swap between tokens.
  • Yield Farming Scanner is a dedicated component that allows to find profitable opportunities for farming or staking straight from inside the wallet.
  • Multi-chain NFT Storage provides an ability to preview NFTs with images from all supported blockchains straight inside your wallet;

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Product Roadmap

The MVP version only features the most important and vital functionality for users. We’ll be constantly pushing updates for our product in future, adding more functionality and networks, all for your satisfaction.
  • MVP open beta in TestFlight –– early January, 2022;✅
  • MVP release for iOS in App Store –– Jan 31, 2022;✅

Q2 2022

  • Binance Smart Chain integration (April 2022) ⌛️
  • Wallet connect & integration with DeFi lab (April 2022) ⌛️
  • Android app Release (April 2022) ⌛️
  • Avalanche & Polygon chains (May 2022) ⌛️

Q3 2022

  • Multichain Bridge Swap ⌛️
  • Allowance Scanner ⌛️

Q4 2022

  • 1inch Swapper ⌛️
  • Farming Scanner ⌛️
  • Multichain NFT storage ⌛️